Praise for this Appointment!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Through my job, I have been able to meet some really neat people in the medical community. One of them is a doctor I met in a nearby town, where we will be taking our mobile medical unit. He runs a clinic in a very poor town, and never refuses to see a patient if they are sick, regardless of their ability to pay or not. He loses millions of dollars every year, just seeing patients for free. He is a strong, Christian man who is very pro-life and is extrememly well respected in the area. Also through the course of making contacts for our mobile unit, I have gotten to know the VP of this doctor's medical board very well. (She's one of the women I had a meeting with yesterday!) This doctor's wife also 'just happens' to be the head of the neonatal unit at the children's hospital we have been going to.

This morning, our genetic counselor called and said that she would like for us to meet with one of their neonatalogists to talk about what can happen if Whitney makes it to birth, what to expect in the mean time, etc. So we set up the appointment for Thursday at 12. Then I remembered the connection between the doctors I know and immediately called our genetic counselor back and requested that we meet with the doctor who's husband I know. I have no doubt that she is as genuine caring and committed as her husband is. We shuffled the appointment to a time she can be present, and if there are no emergencies that she needs to be at, she will be at our meeting! Praise the Lord!

I know it is a little thing, but this is the first doctor we've had that I know is a Christian and will not recommend again that we terminate our pregnancy. I hope that this meeting goes well... again I'm not really sure all this meeting will entail, but hopefully it will give us more information. And I am learning that in this situation, information is key. We will also try on Thursday to do another amnio. Thanks for the prayers, friends.

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  1. I'm so glad you will be able to see that doctor! You guys have been and will continue to be in my prayers.


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