Baby Blanket

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My sister gave Whitney this beautiful blanket for Christmas, along with the sweetest note I have ever read in my life. I just had to share this with you guys, and give HUGE thank-you to my sister, Whitney's aunt. :-) When I opened the present with the blanket and saw Whitney's name embroidered on it, suddenly she was SO real. Not that she hasn't been 'real' for the past 6 months as we've loved on her and dreamed of her and prayed for her, but holding that blanket, knowing that soon it will hold her, made it all so real. We are so greatful to God that though she may not be with us long, she has already survived longer than she was 'supposed' to. And because of that, we will get to hold her in our arms, wrapped in this beautiful blanket.

I also wanted to show you the beautiful blanket, and let you know if you ever need to order a baby blanket for anyone, the lady who made this for us is amazing!! The black and white damask fabric is exactly what we were going to do her nursery in. Thanks for letting me share!

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  1. oh god, shey, this has me sobbing at work. so happy for you. so happy that little whitney has you for a mama.



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