What A Miserable Man!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What a miserable life this man, Irv Sutley, must lead. I just read an article on Fox News about how he complained about angles and stars on Christmas trees in California State buildings, and they were removed! He claimed that he found them "extrememly offensive" and were symbols of the "cult" of Christianity. Boy is he in for a surprise. I suppose this 'retired' disable vet truly has nothing better to do than seek out 'offensive' symbols about which to make a stir? Oh, and since he's an atheist, he's also complained about public displays of a buddhist statue, the star of David and other religious emblems. I read about people like this and truly feel sorry for them... how absolutely miserable they must be to cause a stink about such minor things! I mean, was it really that emotionally damaging for him to see an angel atop a tree that in a building he frequented once every election year? You don't like it, just don't look or get out of there! Leave it to California, though, to give in to every whine and complaint about ANYTHING. Sheesh. It really gets ridiculous out here sometimes! Did you know that an employer in California can get sued for asking the weight or age of an employee?? Maybe that's everywhere, but I'm pretty sure on job apps I filled out in NC and MO and OK had a spot for my birtdate/age.

Truly miserable these people must be... I think there are people out there who just want people to feel as horrible about life as they do. It kinda makes me think how I act towards those who are around me. I know that my attitude has a strong effect on people I am closest to. I know have had a much better attitude this past year, but I can only say that because it has been a struggle to have that good attitude! SOOoooo many times I have stopped myself from complaining about petty things, and you know what? By simply not complaining it makes my attitude toward whatever I wanted to complain about SO much better! Amazing concept, I know. Only took me 28 years to learn. (Sorry Mom (-: )

When I was younger, there was this song my mom would sing and it went like this (sung to an annoying yet catchy tune):
Do everything without complaining
Do everything without arguing
So that you may become
Blameless and pure,
Children of God.
There may have been more ot it than that, but this past year that I have been working on my attitude, I have actually caught myself humming this tune in my head. Annoying and silly? Yes. But it actually helps! So, moral of the story? Its all about the attitude. Your attitude effects those around you. Do you want to be seen as a miserable old-man scrooge/cratchety old lady? Or do you want to be seen as the one who sees the glass half-full and is a joy to be around?

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